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This year so far :: None of it contradicts

Written May 2023

Last night, I sobbed while held by my Love.

That sentence is an answered prayer.

I cried and asked for pain to be taken away from someone I love.

That sentence is a prayer I want to see answered.

* * *

I chose "none of it contradicts" as a mantra for this year.

I set it with the intention of forgiving myself for my past.

The universe applied it to my present.

* * *

Last year, I went to seven weddings. This year, it is May and I have been to three funerals.

I am in love with a man who brings immense brightness to my every single day.

My heart is breaking from witnessing friends navigate impossible circumstances.

* * *

These friends bring love to my life, as they look at me with tear-filled eyes.

I feel a growing sense of connection to whatever is beyond us as I navigate loss with an open heart and mind.

* * *

None of it, absolutely none of it contradicts.

Still my heart is growing to make room for all of it.

This is my lesson at this moment in time ::

Continue to make room for all that life brings to my door.

To the window of my awareness. That is really just a window after all. There is so much more going on than I can see from this vantage point.

* * *

Honoring this truth, while also honoring the truth of what is going on right in front of me. This how I embody that "none of it contradicts."

Which is a lesson I am still very much in the midst of. Yet I hope sharing my middle-of-it insights brings some comfort to whoever you are, however your heart is in this moment.

With So Much Love,

Mary Grace


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